January 20, 2010

First post

Posted in Digital Lifestyle at 18:06 by frifan

I’ve become quite mobile. It’s a new lifestyle. Very addictive. Always online. Always accessible, for good and bad.
Everything changed when I bought my android phone. I’ve got an unlimited data subscription, which is a necessity for a phone like this. Now, I cannot imagine going back to an old phone anymore.
There are some irritations and quirks still. Both in the phone, android and the subscription.
My service provider exists in all the Scandinavian countries, but they still don’t have subscriptions that crosses the borders, because they make too much money on roaming charges. 25 kr/MB (€2.47/MB) for data when you move across the border. Outrageous! But then what incentive do they have to fix it?
My phone is, unfortunately, a Samsung Galaxy. Don’t buy one! More on that later and some problems with android. I’m approaching home and need to get ready.

/FriFan, signing of from the train home.


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  1. daniela said,

    exciting start

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