February 4, 2010

Microsoft – A history lesson

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Microsoft MISCONDUCT - Above the law

I believe a computer history lesson is in order, as most people have forgotten it [1]. It is a lesson in how one company has stifled innovation and progress in a whole industry by their cunning, deceit, unethical and illegal activities. They have managed to produce unprecedented poor quality software full of security holes, to a public who do not know better than to trust their lies. Their greatest feat is to form peoples perception into believing that poor quality is the norm.

There is plenty of evidence that has been produced in numerous courts of law, but most people are still unaware of the fact that Microsoft is a convicted felon and continue with their unlawful activities to this day. These are not just ramblings of a disgruntled Microsoft hater, but proven facts in a court of law! [2][3][4][5]

“Our products just aren’t engineered for security.”Brian Valentine, Microsoft executive

“Here’s the type of guy I want, I don’t care if he knows anything about computers. I need a guy who really understands branding.” Bill Gates

If asked, I believe that most people wouldn’t do business with convicted felons, but here we are. I guess not everybody realizes that Microsoft are convicted felons (monopoly abusers) in many countries around the world. That they have a whole arsenal of other evil business practices what they continue using despite some being illegal and all of them immoral and unethical[7][8]. You can find damning evidence below. They have been found guilty of lying and falsifying evidence in court. Note that these are facts that have been produced in a court of law![3][4][13]

“Microsoft is asking people to pay them for patents, but they won’t say which ones. If a guy walks into a shop and says: “It’s an unsafe neighbourhood, why don’t you pay me 20 bucks and I’ll make sure you’re okay,” that’s illegal. It’s racketeering.”Mark Shuttleworth

The founding father of Microsoft (and its practices), Bill Gates, is still active spreading evil in the world [8][9][10][11][16][17][19][20][21].

“Gates has created a huge blood-buying operation that only cares about money, not about people.”AIDS organisation manager, December 2009 (New York Times)

“But rather than a search engine or even a “decision engine”, Bing also appears to be a spin engine, in that it provides partisan answers to controversial topics, such as Steve Ballmer’s propensity to throw chairs to blow off stress.”Christian Einfeldt

Since 1999 I have mainly used Linux, both at home and at work. Even on my cellphone! I am a hardened Linux veteran and used to command-line wizardry, but I firmly believe that Linux is actually easier to install and use than Windows. Unfortunately very few people ever install their operating system, or even make a choice about which one to use, but they would find Linux a lot easier. Device drivers are bundled with Linux and fully automatic. Applications are installed from a nice package installer, where you can list or search all available application, and they are all free of charge!

“Linux is a cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches.”Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO

“Ideally, use of the competing technology becomes associated with mental deficiency, as in, “he believes in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and OS/2.” Just keep rubbing it in, via the press, analysts, newsgroups, whatever. Make the complete failure of the competition’s technology part of the mythology of the computer industry.”Microsoft, internal document [PDF]


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Many more links to come… As there seems to be an endless flood of articles (and abuses by Microsoft). They sure are busy doing evil in the world.


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