June 27, 2010

New research shows that weaker copyright benefits society

Posted in Digital Freedom, Intellectual Property, Internet Piracy at 22:41 by frifan

In today’s turmoil where the men in power discuss how to strengthen copyright and push it through as legislation across the world without any democratic insight into the proceedings, or any discussion of benefits. It is more important than ever to put the facts on the table and look at them objectively. Something researchers have been trying to do, for quite some time, and here is the latest result:
New research about the impact of weaker copyright enforcement on society has been released by Felix Oberholzer-Gee of Harvard and Koleman Strumpf of the University of Kansas. It shows how weaker copyright has benefited society. Summaries can be found at Ars Technica and TechDirt.
At the same time, in related news: New Research Suggests Digital Economy Act & ACTA Will Stifle Creativity


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